The tragic tale of a prince of Denmark, Hamlet is a classic play by the great Shakespeare. The story is well known and has been adapted by many including Disney's classic The Lyon King. It is a story of deception, sacrifice and honor. But while reading it, I noticed it was also about madness. Is the prince going crazy or did he really see his father's ghost? Should he kill his uncle?

For this postcard, i decided to work on the theme of madness. The composition is more chaotic and less structured, the colors are overlaid and mixed into each other. I also decided to created contrast within the elements. I drew more contemporary characters for the title to break away from the ink line of the King. I also added a little crown over the "e" in a very iconic style. The prince is in silhouette and in a spiral of confusion screaming (AAAAAA).

And to top it of, i had to add the classic skull's head; TO BE OR NOT TO BE?

Marvel, Fan Art part 2

I was having so much fun with this one that i finished it in a day (with correction the next day). I went for something minimal in colors because i like it that way and also i tried a black and white version even though i enjoy the color.

I was compelled to draw a more contemporary X-men team but opted to start with the original X-men. I do enjoy drawing folds and find the classic costume designs simple and elegant. On another note, I just wanted to add, Jack Kirby was the man and i have to admit i joyfully tried a ticker brush line to fit his style but yet still kept my more graphic touch. Hope you like it. 

Up next the incredible Hulk...

Marvel, Fan Art!!!

So recently, i have been rereading a lot of Marvel X-men and other comics; Some old school stuff and some of the new titles. And i have to say I am really enjoying the art and the stories in it. I know some people think U.S. comics are "cheap" in content but i have to say the character development is pretty good. I grew with these characters and still care about them. 

I decided to create a bunch of fan art for some character the I enjoy in the Marvel and later on the DC universe. Bellow you can see some redesign of marvel logos and an sketch of a classic X-men cover i m working on. 

Basically I'm just a fan:

MOCCA 2013

I will be attending the MOCCA 2013 this week end and hope to see you there.

Here is a link for some of the details for the event:

All previous postcards from Ijotalot will be on sale there as well as one of my new creations. I will be presenting my new poster depicting a Bike ride to Brooklyn.

This project was inspired by my rides back Home when i finish work. I tend to use the Manhattan Bridge but found the Brooklyn Bridge to be much prettier. This is a usual monologue I have in my brain while i ride home, spelling mistakes included ;)

It is a starter project for my upcoming comic "Inconsequential" Hope you enjoy it:
Some of the details : it is silkscreened 18 X 24 limited of 100 copies.

pricing coming soon...