The tragic tale of a prince of Denmark, Hamlet is a classic play by the great Shakespeare. The story is well known and has been adapted by many including Disney's classic The Lyon King. It is a story of deception, sacrifice and honor. But while reading it, I noticed it was also about madness. Is the prince going crazy or did he really see his father's ghost? Should he kill his uncle?

For this postcard, i decided to work on the theme of madness. The composition is more chaotic and less structured, the colors are overlaid and mixed into each other. I also decided to created contrast within the elements. I drew more contemporary characters for the title to break away from the ink line of the King. I also added a little crown over the "e" in a very iconic style. The prince is in silhouette and in a spiral of confusion screaming (AAAAAA).

And to top it of, i had to add the classic skull's head; TO BE OR NOT TO BE?