Here is the next project i worked on. It is The Adventures of Pinocchio. It was written in 1883 by Carlo Collodi, Italian writer. I originally chose to do this book because, of course, of the Disney version that was made in the 1940. I remember seeing it as a child and being really mesmerized by the story and the joyfulness of the wooden child. Little did i know that the original story is more serious and less fantastic.

The story is about a wooden doll wanting to become a real boy. But the subject of the story talks about hunger and life's daily chores as well as the search for a soul. The book is a little darker then the Disney animated version. Within the first section of the book, Pinocchio mistakenly kills the talking cricket who would be his conscience. Also the first time Pinocchio is created he runs away and gets Geppetto imprisoned! These are but some of the differences but it still makes for a great story to read.

My design choice was the show the wooden quality of the doll while spotlighted him in a scene. The pattern of the background as well as the drawing of the font was inspired by old carnival decors.

Again all drawn by me from the intricate font to the crosshatch on the character and silk screened as a limited run of 250. hope you ll enjoy it