20 000 leagues under the Sea postcard

To debut the run of my postcards, I have chosen to release Jules Verne's 20 0000 Leagues Under the Sea. What can I say? I like underwater worlds, especially the wonderful aquatic world that Mr. Vernes describes in his book. Who, after reading 20 0000 Leagues Under the Sea, does not want to travel the seas in the Nautilus?

This is a limited silk screen run with high details and meticulous print.  The run is limited to 250 numbered cards. After they're gone... no more!

The design was done by myself (Jacques Khouri) and was conceived after researching the book and its history. I chose to hint at the wonders and horrors of the undersea instead of showing it. My biggest challenge was drawing the title. Balancing the font to fit the desired style of the card was no easy task, but quite joyful. And, as always, I do enjoy adding details to embellish the whole piece.

The release will be here sooner rather than later, but no exact date has been chosen. I am setting up pricing and shipping details. Good news: It will probably be under $10 USD. A purchase link will be added shortly to the "BUY" tab.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making them!

The other postcards that will be released later on will be Pinnochio, and then Othello.