Monday, April 7, 2014

Mocca 2014

Thank you all for a great show at MoCCA fest 2014. Please do enjoy the reads : - )
My comic will be online soon! please check back.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

WIP Sketches of some previous projects

So while i was at the MOCCA fest I had a couple of people interested in my process. I do everything by hand; yes even the fonts. And the reason i do this is because i enjoy it mostly and I can more freely choose the visuals just the way i want them. I then scan the images and clean them up with photoshop and mostly Adobe's Illustrator.

However, recently i have acquired a Wacom Cintiq and draw directly on the screen. It is a huge time saver and just an amazing tool. You should try it out

Here are a couple of sketches i did during the development of previous cards as well as one rejected piece the I finished before i decided i did not like it! The patterns on Othello was nice; might use it for something else. I might use it on an arabian night postcard!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Little Red ridding Hood

This is a nice little story that needs no explanation. I remember my big sister telling me this story when i was a kid for bed time. I enjoyed it then and still do today.

For this postcard, i decided to illustrated Red's travel in the forest to visit her Grandmother and the lurking shadow of the wolf following her. 

Visually, this was a play in negative and positive shapes. For the title, i have to say it took me quite some time to get it right. I had to redraw it a couple of times. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Journey to the center of the earth

Another classic story by Jules Verne which has been proven since that it is an impossibility. There are no pocket worlds in the center of the world...sadness!

But his books have brought us to imagine new worlds and exercised our imagination. This one is no exception; it is filled with amazement and wonder. I thought of integrating some of the elements within the story like a dinosaur or giant mushrooms but decided to keep it more abstract. However if you analyze the postcard, you can see the professor, his nephew and Hans depicted as small circles climbing down the volcano mountain "Sn√¶fellsj√∂kull" placed on top of the word "journey" in red and going to the center of the earth and then spitted out of a smaller volcano at the bottom left of the card at an angle.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Marvel, We have a Hulk!

Welcome the Hulk! So i think i went overboard with this one. I find i put too much details on the buildings but i couldn't help it. Notice the cop behind the car! you can barely see him behind all the details. But heck it was fun. I was going more fore a 70s looking Hulk with the background's color and them colorful pants? Some of the challenges were of course the cars and drawing those letters on the cars.

for the logo, i was going for something that would contrast with the savageness of the Hulk. I was sort of picturing this being at the Metropolitan natural history Museum as a stuffed animal installation depicting a Hulk with a little signage on the bottom of the installation presenting the breed.

Cheers and up next; Spider on the subway! Maybe ;)

some details:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The tragic tale of a prince of Denmark, Hamlet is a classic play by the great Shakespeare. The story is well known and has been adapted by many including Disney's classic The Lyon King. It is a story of deception, sacrifice and honor. But while reading it, I noticed it was also about madness. Is the prince going crazy or did he really see his father's ghost? Should he kill his uncle?

For this postcard, i decided to work on the theme of madness. The composition is more chaotic and less structured, the colors are overlaid and mixed into each other. I also decided to created contrast within the elements. I drew more contemporary characters for the title to break away from the ink line of the King. I also added a little crown over the "e" in a very iconic style. The prince is in silhouette and in a spiral of confusion screaming (AAAAAA).

And to top it of, i had to add the classic skull's head; TO BE OR NOT TO BE?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marvel, Fan Art part 2

I was having so much fun with this one that i finished it in a day (with correction the next day). I went for something minimal in colors because i like it that way and also i tried a black and white version even though i enjoy the color.

I was compelled to draw a more contemporary X-men team but opted to start with the original X-men. I do enjoy drawing folds and find the classic costume designs simple and elegant. On another note, I just wanted to add, Jack Kirby was the man and i have to admit i joyfully tried a ticker brush line to fit his style but yet still kept my more graphic touch. Hope you like it. 

Up next the incredible Hulk...